How to get input from user using Dialog

This is my Table


Step 1.First we have to create Dialog object for the Dialog Class.

Step 2.Then create object for Dialog group and Dialog field.

Step 3.Use extendedTypeStr for every dialog field


static void SQLNameByID(Args _args)


Bill_TabMethod btm;

Dialog dialog;

dialogGroup dialogGroup;

dialogField dialogField;

dialog = new Dialog(“Johnkrish Dialog”);

dialogGroup = dialog.addGroup(“Customer Name”);

// while select * from btm

dialogField = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(CustName));

if (


while select * from btm

where btm.CustName==dialogField.value()




Step 4. Now run the code the Dialog will appear


Step 5. Input the Customer name then click OK. It will give the output of Item name as Keyboard

for the given Customer name Gopal

Yes you have done…