How to Display SSRS Report into Enterprise Portal in Ax 2012



After Creating the SSRS in AX,we need to add that into output menuItem with proper label.
Here label is very important because it will connect between Ep and AX.

Step 2:

\Go to your EP page selct the place where you need to display the Report. And add a  new webPart

Step 3:

  1. To add a web part to a page, use the procedure that is described in How to: Add Web Parts.
  2. When you specify the properties of the Report web part, the Report selection property lists the names of the SSRS reports that have had menu items created for them and can be used in Enterprise Portal. See Accessible Reports for Enterprise Portal for more information about which reports you can use. Choose the report that you want to display.
  3. If the SSRS report uses parameters, you can use the Report parameters to set them.
  4. Specify the Toolbar size property to indicate whether a toolbar should be displayed for the web part.
  5. Specify the Report drillthrough target toolbar size property to specify the size of the toolbar that is displayed when report drill-through is used.
  6. Set the Title property to a name appropriate for the report. This title will be displayed in the Report web part.
  7. Set the Width and Height properties so the SSRS report will display optimally.
  8. Save the changes for the web part and page.
  9. Display the page that contains the report.

Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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