Set query range for Two Date ( FromDate To Date) field in a table in Ax 2012


static void DateRangeTest(Args _args)
DateRangeTest drt;

Query query=new Query();
QueryRun qrun;
QueryBuildDataSource qbds;
QueryBuildRange qbr;
date d=today();

//Method 1
//qbr.value(strfmt(‘(%1<=%2)&& (%3>=%4)’,fieldstr(DateRangeTest,FromDate),Date2StrXpp(d),fieldstr(DateRangeTest,ToDate),Date2StrXpp(d)));
//Method 2
qbr.value(strfmt(‘(FromDate<=%1)&& (ToDate>=%2)’,Date2StrXpp(d),Date2StrXpp(d)));

qrun=new QueryRun(query);


Using custom Image resource in Dynamics AX 2012

Dynamics AX 2012 allows developers to include their custom images in form‘s or report’s. However, to use this a little bit tweaking is needed. This blog will go through the steps to use a custom image in an AX form.

Adding custom resource to AOT:

First go to AOT à Resources. Right click resources node and select ‘Create from file’. Browse and select the custom resource. Rename the resource to ImageResource. The custom resource has been added.

Using the custom resource:

Create a New dynamics AX form, let say CutomResourceDemo. Add a window control in the form and rename it to CustomImage. Set its AutoDeclaration property to Yes.

Create a new method loadImage at the form methods node and write the following code:


Override the run method of the form and call the loadImage method after the call of super()


Run the form. The custom image has been loaded 🙂