AOT Report level validation for Restrict Rows according to Condition Ax 2009



public boolean fetch()
boolean retCode = false;
ReportValidation bankAccountTableRec;
QueryRun qrun;
int a=1;
int cpt = 0;

// Use the queryRun object that is associated with the
// report; element refers to the report.
qrun = new QueryRun(element);

// Verify that the report dialog works.
if (! qrun.prompt())
return retCode;

// Loop through each record from the data source query of the report.
while (
// Get the BankAccountTable fields from the query record.
bankAccountTableRec = qrun.get(TableNum(ReportValidation));

// Exclude ODDBANK from the visible report.
if (bankAccountTableRec.Price != 0)
// Include the current record in the report.


retCode = true;

// retCode = super(); // Do not call super() when you override the fetch method.
return retCode;






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