How to create Full Text Index in Dynamics AX 2012 with Example

Full text index supports to quickly query words that are embedded in the middle of a string field of a table. Well, this is a very nice enhancement to query on Database table fields for the developers who work with the latest vesion [Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012]
Good thing is we can use this Index on Memo fields and also Extended data type.
Let me explain with an example. Create a new table as shown below and add a new field of type string “Name” to it – On the field use EDT – Name. In the below example, my table Name is FullTextIndexTextTable.
Once you are done with your table, Go to FullTextIndex Node >> Right click and create a new FullTextIndex.
Rename it to JkFullTextIdx. Drag and drop Name field from the fields to the newly created index.
The table with index should look like below.
Here I’ve created a input string edit control  ( for user input ) and  a submit button.
This is a code in form

public class FormRun extends ObjectRun


QueryBuildRange qbr;

str localValue;


This code is in Form Datasource override mehtod executeQuery()

public void executeQuery()


localValue = NameInput.valueStr();



qbr = SysQuery::findOrCreateRange(FullTextIndexTextTable_ds.queryBuildDataSource(), fieldnum(FullTextIndexTextTable, Name));






This code in Button Clicked() override method

void clicked()








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